October 24, 2012


Next-Generation Advanced Vacuum with “Corner Master” Cleans Up the Competition
A lady controlling an LG HOM-BOT with its remote control at the LG HOM-BOT SQUARE launch event in France

SEOUL, Oct. 24, 2012 — LG Electronics’ HOM-BOT SQUARE robotic vacuum cleaner made its global debut in Place Beaubourg, Paris, where it demonstrated to an international audience what the next generation of robotic cleaning technology would bring.
“Helping consumers lead more convenient lives with smart technology is what LG is all about,” said Moonbum
Shin, Executive Vice President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “HOM-BOT SQUARE is contributing toward this goal in a large way on the strength of its innovation and competitiveness in this growing market.”
With sharp right-angles being found in practically every building in the world, LG engineers based the new HOM-BOT on a square, different from the circular design of most robot cleaners. The cleaner’s unique square design, hi-tech sensors and newly improved brushes (1.5cm longer than those in the previous model) are collectively called Corner Master and enable HOM-BOT SQUARE to more effectively reach areas that other cleaners simply ignore.
Corner-detecting sensors supply the cleaner with spatial information, telling it when the edge of the room has been reached, when to turn and when to stop. Sensitive Dual Eye 2.0™ camera sensors scan the floor, sampling multiple images per second and then analyze the information to generate an accurate map of the space -– even with the lights off. Onboard ultrasonic and infrared sensors allow the HOM-BOT SQUARE to detect and easily avoid obstacles in its path.
LG’s HOM-BOT SQUARE also features Turbo Mode, which allows the user to manually set cleaning functions to the specific requirements of their flooring. And Smart Turbo Mode enables the cleaner to detect the type of flooring and change its own settings automatically.
Visitors to LG’s HOM-BOT SQUARE launch event in France were given the opportunity to play a live version of LG’s dust-killing internet game. Participants used a remote to navigate the vacuum cleaner around a course and vacuum up simulated dust characters. Those who “caught” the most characters in the allocated time took home a new HOM-BOT SQUARE cleaner.
Launching first in France, HOM-BOT SQUARE will be available in other European markets in the fourth quarter followed by its global launch in 2013.
Key Specifications for LG’s new HOM-BOT SQUARE:
• Corner Master
• Dual Eye 2.0™
• Easy-out Dust Bin
• Low noise level: 60 dBA
• HEPA 11 Filter
• Smart Turbo
• Learning Function
• Voice Guidance
• Long-lasting Battery
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