January 8, 2012


New LG CINEMA 3D Smart TVs Create Optimal Environment for Immersive
3D Viewing Through New 3D Technologies Led by CINEMA SCREEN Design

Front view of the LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV with new CINEMA SCREEN Design model LM8600.

SEOUL, Jan 8, 2012 –- LG Electronics (LG) will introduce the CINEMA SCREEN Design at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Featured in some of the new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs for 2012, the CINEMA SCREEN Design has reduced the bezel to 1mm, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing.

“As was the case in 2011, LG will be the industry’s leader in 3D throughout 2012,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “As evidenced in a range of product reviews throughout 2011, LG’s CINEMA 3D products have received rave reviews for their 3D display qualities. With our 2012 CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, we have been able to take a significant step forward, thanks to a series of new and upgraded 3D features led by the CINEMA SCREEN Design.”

The CINEMA SCREEN Design translates the latest advances in LG’s display technology into an aesthetically superior form. Bezels that surround the new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs have been slimmed down to negligible levels, removing physical obstructions to allow greater immersion of 3D effects, reminiscent of movie screens at cinemas.

The CINEMA SCREEN Design is accompanied by new CINEMA 3D glasses for 2012. Presented in three elegant models, the new CINEMA 3D glasses are 20 percent lighter than the previous ones, increasing their comfort to allow longer 3D viewing.

Such optimal setting for immersive 3D viewing is complemented by a range of new 3D technologies. Using the theory of 3D TV technology, Dual Play is the solution for an ultimate experience in war games. With LG’s Dual Play function and the special Dual Play glasses, you can have differently divided two screens which is useful for 3D Games. Meanwhile, 3D Sound Zooming generates audio output that is synchronized with the location and movement of the various on-screen objects, adding immersive sound to immersive visuals.

As always, the new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs come equipped with LG’s Smart TV function. Featuring over 1,200 apps, LG’s Smart TV offers a variety of premium content services, including 3D World, where viewers can access a growing abundance of 3D content. Furthermore, the imbedded 2D to 3D conversion engine makes 3D content practically limitless.

All aforementioned features of the new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs will be available for viewing at CES 2012 in Las Vegas from January 10-12, 2012.


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