January 5, 2011


6Motion™ Technology and ColdWash™ Underpinned by
Innovative Inverter Direct Drive™ Technology

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 –- LG Electronics (LG) will today unveil its new, top-of-the-line washing machines at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). The latest models are equipped with LG’s innovative Inverter Direct Drive™ motor, which delivers cleaner washing, and makes the washing machines more energy-efficient, durable, and quieter with less vibration.


Whereas most front-load washers only have one motion -– tumbling – LG’s innovative 6Motion™ Technology allows the drum to tailor each load from a combination of six unique motions: rolling, stepping, swinging, scrubbing, filtration and tumbling.


Depending on the cycle the consumer chooses, these motions range from gentle, for delicates, to a more powerful cleaning for soiled items, making it simple to take better care of clothing. This breakthrough technology is made possible by the precision mechanics created by LG’s Inverter Direct Drive™ motor, which operates without belts or pulleys, delivering power directly from the motor to the drum. LG TrueSteam™ Technology also deeply penetrates fabrics to remove dirt and reduce wrinkles.


In addition, 6Motion™ Technology works in conjunction with ColdWash™, which penetrates deep into fabrics using only cold water, to provide consumers with the same washing performance as washing in warm water while providing substantial energy savings.


Like all LG laundry systems, the new models are Energy-Star rated and use considerably less water than conventional top-load machines.


By eliminating belts and pulleys, LG’s Direct Drive motor cuts back on moving parts to make its washing machines durable and quieter with lower vibration, an effect further aided by the machines’ TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system. As a measure of confidence in their reliability, LG offers a 10-year warranty for its direct drive motors.


In addition, LG top-load washing machines provide WaveForce™ Technology, which offers a powerful yet gentle wash to make laundry exceptionally clean. And LG’s SmartRinse™ Jet Spray System saves water without compromising rinsing performance, while its SlamProof™ Lid offers convenience and lower noise levels.


Product Specifications:


– ColdWash™ Technology
– 6Motion™ Technology
– Inverter Direct Drive™ – 10-Year Warranty
– TrueSteam™ Technology
– TrueBalance™ Technology


– 5.2 cu.ft. Ultra-Large Capacity
– ColdWash™ Technology
– WaveForce™ Technology
– SmartRinse™ Jet Spray System
– SlamProof™ Lid

For more information and product images, please visit LG’s online press kit at www.lgnewsroom.com/CES2011.


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