January 5, 2011


HX996TS Brings Cinema Sound to Living Rooms to Create Perfect 3D Experience 


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 — LG Electronics today introduced the HX996TS, its first Real 3D Sound Home Theater System. Using innovative new approaches to delivering sound, the HX996TS provides the perfect soundtrack for watching movies in 3D.


“Home entertainment fans are increasingly getting the chance to experience TV and movies in 3D, but until now, sound has remained firmly in 2D,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “With the HX996TS, we’ve made a big leap forward with audio, so viewers can now get as immersed in sound every bit as engrossing and lifelike as the best 3D movies.”


The HX996TS’s outstanding sound quality comes via three key innovations. The first, the Vertical 3D Effect Channel, emits sound through the tops of the HX996TS’s four Tallboy Speakers to expand the sound field up to the ceiling. The resulting audio waves fill the space above viewers’ heads, creating the illusion that they are right in the middle of the movie.


The second part of the HX996TS’s 3D sound comes via its dual subwoofers. Instead of the conventional single subwoofer, two subwoofers are placed on the opposite sides of the television, greatly enriching the overall sound quality. The dual subwoofers add a room-filling, “low attack” undercurrent to the audio for a strikingly realistic soundtrack.


Completing the 3D sound experience is the Cinema Dome Effect, which perfects 3D sound via LG’s unique DSP algorithm. LG’s DSP algorithm also analyzes individual audio channels in real-time, guaranteeing seamless sound tracking. The combined end effect is an upwards and backwards expansion of the sound field, putting viewers right at the heart of the sound.


The HX996TS’s design – parabolic units atop sturdy, wide bases – is both stylish and also helps create a richer, more powerful sound. In addition, a classy glazed finish, gradated in 3D blue on its lower section, enhances the dimensional look of the speaker.


HX996TS Specifications:

  •  Vertical 3D Effect Channel
  •  Cinema Dome Effect
  •  3D mode: 7.2 Ch / 1,280W Output

2D mode: 5.2 Ch / 1,100W Output

  •  Dual Subwoofers
  •  3D Sound Speakers (Upper Unit Driver)
  •  3D DSP Technology
  •  Real Cinema Ambience


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