January 5, 2011


Convenience, Power and Style Converge to Create Equipment For All Needs


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 –– LG Electronics announced its 2011 product lineup of Computer Monitors, Optical Disc Drives (ODD) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices today at the International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8205).


Leading LG’s 2011 monitors is the super slim E90, the company’s slimmest LED monitor* to date with a 7.2 mm bezel depth. With an increasing number of consumers watching movies and videos on their desktop PCs, the picture quality of the monitor is more important than ever before.  With a response time of just two milliseconds, the monitor’s display helps maintain a clear and bright picture even during fast-moving action sequences. With LG’s Image Booster software, streaming content is enhanced to reduce motion blur.


To maintain its super slim design, the E90 places its power supply and the socket connecting the monitor to the PC on the back of the stand, an innovation called EZ-cabling. In addition to the reduced footprint offered by its light weight and slim size, the E90 uses lessenergy than conventional CCFL-backlit LCD monitors and LEDs do not contain mercury like CCFL bulbs.


Employing both IPS and LED technologies, the new IPS236V monitor delivers advanced picture quality while minimizing color shift. LG’s new LED monitor uses an IPS panel instead of TN (Twisted Nematic) to help overcome viewing angle limits and provide truer-to-life color.


As a leader in emerging IPS technology, LG has been able to harness the advantages of IPS and use them in its IPS monitor series. Using IPS panels, LG’s 23-inch class IPS6 monitor* provides more stable color and a higher uniformity of brightness at virtually any viewing angle, making it ideal for editing video and graphics, as well as watching movies or playing games. What’s more, LG’s LED IPS monitor takes full advantage of LED monitor technology to provide slimmer bezels, eco-friendly features and a superior contrast ratio.


Developed with consumers in mind, the IPS6 boasts a slim and sleek design, with a bezel depth of just 19.5mm that makes it a eye-catching addition to any office or home environment. A gorgeous transparent neck with distinctive coloring and a wine glass shape accentuate the stylish, upscale appearance. And as a final touch, the monitors boast a 3D power knob with an arresting silver-chrome finish.


The LG LED E2381V features LG’s SUPER+ resolution, which delivers stunning picture quality. The E2341 also emphasizes the company’s commitment to greener products by featuring LG’s Super Energy Savings. Through a high contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and LG’s SUPER+ Resolution technology -– which provides a more realistic picture in HD while also upscaling standard definition content to near HD –- the 23-inch class E81* delivers exceptionally crisp and vivid images. The secret behind LG’s SUPER+ Resolution is the Image Clear Engine chip, which uses a Full HD-compatible single-frame algorithm to help eliminate frame delay, without the need for any external memory or software.


In total, LG unveiled eight new series of computer monitors –- creating a robust product line with advanced picture quality and convenient features. The full line includes: IPS236V (23-inch class size), E2341 (23-inch class size), N1941W (18.50inch class size) Network Monitor, N1910LZ (19-inch class size), E70 Series (23- and 27-inch class sizes), M80D (23- and 27-inch class sizes)*.

Front view of the LG Network Attached Storage Device model MM1

Optical Disc Drives
LG also introduced its first portable Blu-ray Rewriter ODD (model BP06LU10). Encased in a slim and stylish frame, the BP06LU10 boasts 3D Playback functionality that provides top-notch videos and sound and spectacular live-action stereoscopic 3D*.


Unlike existing external Blu-ray Rewriters, the AC Power Adapter Free BP06LU10 allows for Blu-ray disc writing and title playing experiences for mini and slim laptop users with no optical disc drive. 3D Blu-ray content that used to be played through Blu-ray players and TVs can now be played on the PC with the BP06LU10 external Blu-ray Rewriter.  Thanks to the BP06LU10’s Power DVD 3D bundle software, it not only plays 3D titles, but also converts conventional 2D DVD titles to provide a 3D effect.


LG’s first portable Blu-ray Rewriter ODD model BP06LU10


Furthermore, BP06LU10 boasts LG’s innovative optical disc drive technology, featuring “Silent Play” and “Jamless Play.” With Silent Play, the disc read speed is automatically controlled for optimal noise reduction.  Jamless Play allows the device to detect and skip any scratched parts of a disc to help provide smooth video and sound with minimalinterruption.


Its writing speeds are at 6x Blu-ray and 8x DVD. Disc storage is more convenient with the Lightscribe feature, which allows users to create customized labels onto a specially coated disc (sold separately). With its stylish blue slim frame and easy portability, the BP06LU10 offers exceptional design with functionality to match.


LG also introduced new models in the portable DVD re-writer category. The RP8 series (models GP40LB10, NW10 and NR10) and RP11 series (models GP10NB20, NW20 and NG20) all feature attractive lightweight designs with USB connectivity. Both the GP40LB10 and GP10NB20 have been reduced in size by 20 percent from previous models.


Network Attached Storage Devices
LG unveiled three new NAS models, including the MM1 and the NC2 and NT1 series. The LG MM1 has a built-in slot DVD re-writer with 512MB memory and three USB 2.0 ports. The NC2 series (models N2B1DD1, N2B1DD2, N2R1D, N2R1DD1, N2R1DD2 and N2B1D) and NT1 series (models N1T1DD1 and N1A1DD1) both feature a Mobile Streaming function that allows users to stream information and media directly to portable smart devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs*.

Front view of the LG Network Attached Storage Device model MM1


The LG 1TB network storage device with a DVD rewriter model N1T1


The LG N1T1 is a 1TB network storage device with a DVD rewriter, which serves as an additional backup option. This compact storage solution features a Media Link Server for an LG SmartTV connection and is DLNA and Energy Star 5.0 Certified.


The LG N2T2 2TB NAS is a sleek and innovative storage device with a built-in DVD re-writer. With smart phones and tablet PCs becoming popular with consumers, the N2A2 is able to stream video and music directly to portable devices via the internet*.


For more information and product images, please visit LG’s online press kit at www.lgnewsroom.com/CES2011.


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