January 5, 2011


Four-Door Enhancements Offer Ultimate in Convenience,
Efficiency and Usable Shelf Space


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 –– Global appliance innovator LG Electronics (LG) today announced the availability of its newest four-door French-door refrigerator, an ultra-large capacity model featuring groundbreaking interior features that offer a new level of organization and convenience for consumers, including the most refrigerator shelf space available.


Front view of LG’s new Four-Door French-Door refrigerator


Front view of LG new Four-Door French-Door refrigerator with its upper two doors open


A long-time leader in French-door refrigeration, LG continues to innovate and provide added convenience for consumers. LG’s Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System makes way for additional door bin space – allowing for the most usable shelf space available in the industry, while the new “Converta™ Drawer” offers the unique ability to convert the top freezer drawer into a refrigerator drawer when extra refrigerator space is needed. Together with energy-saving innovations like linear compressor technology, LG is delivering “Something Better” to the most important kitchen appliance.


“When you consider that a refrigerator is the kitchen appliance consumers will use more than any other, LG wanted to make sure this new model performs as great as it looks,” said Peter Reiner, senior vice president, marketing, LG Electronics USA. “Our new four-door refrigerator more than delivers on both, offering new levels of innovation and convenience that help enhance consumers’ every day lives.”


Side close-up view of LG new Four-Door French-Door refrigerator’s door bin space closed

Side close-up view of LG new Four-Door French-Door refrigerator’s door bin space opened showing its Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System


There’s Room For That…Most Refrigerator Shelf Space Available
LG’s new four-door refrigerator offers exceptional organization in both the freezer and the refrigerator. With an ultra-large capacity of nearly 28 cubic feet -– among the largest in the industry, this LG model offers the most refrigerator shelf space available, even more than refrigerators with a larger claimed capacity. The refrigerator compartment can accommodate up to 47 gallons of milk and provides ample space for the entire family’s favorite foods, as well as keeps them conveniently organized and within reach.


Innovations such as the Slim SpacePlus Ice System allow for more shelf space providing greater organization and access for consumers. This innovation moves the icemaker from the top shelf of the refrigerator to the door, which is compact enough to also include door bin shelves, allowing for maximum refrigerator shelf space.


Close-up view of the new LG Four-Door French-Door refrigerator’s water dispenser


Additional convenience features of this four-door model include two bottom-freezer drawers. With these two separate freezer drawers, consumers have easy, organized access to the things they need often—and an ample lower compartment that is perfect for larger items or longer-term storage.


The refrigerator’s upgraded Four Compartment Crisper System is designed to help keep fresh foods organized and ensure every fruit, vegetable and soda has its place.  With three top drawers -– two of which are humidity-controlled -– and a fourth Glide N’ Serve drawer below, there is greater organization and easier access for the whole family. Consumers will enjoy the extra tall ice and water dispensing center, with the water dispenser measuring 12.6 inches, among the tallest in the industry. A slide-out pitcher rest makes filling uniquely shaped and assorted sized pitchers and glasses easy, including coffee pots and sports bottles.


LG’s Four-Door French-Door Refrigerator Evolution…Converta Drawer
With this latest model, LG has transformed the concept of the four-door refrigerator with a unique Converta Freezer Drawer, which allows the top freezer drawer to be used as extra refrigerator space if needed.  This delivers new flexibility options previously unavailable to consumers, and is especially helpful for entertaining at home when extra space is often desired.  Additionally, this drawer can operate at numerous temperatures, including at a “soft freeze” setting to safely thaw meat and poultry.  With the Converta drawer set to refrigerator mode, this model can accommodate up to 53 gallons of milk, nearly 13 percent more than the already-spacious refrigerator section alone.  This is more fresh-food storage space than any other freestanding French-door refrigerator on the market.


Close-up view of the new LG Four-Door French-Door refrigerator’s Converta™ Drawer


In addition to the enhanced convenience of Converta Drawer, this refrigerator includes an auto open/close freezer drawer option. This innovation enables users to automatically open and close the bottom-freezer drawers with the touch of a button, making it easier to access food items or unload groceries. The drawers also have an assisted open/close function; a slight push or pull on the drawer will prompt it to open/close by itself. A Safety Interruption feature stops automatic closing if a child’s hand or any obstacles are in the way.


Stainless Steel Never Looked So Green…Linear Compressor Technology
To achieve maximum efficiency, LG redesigned the refrigerator’s compressor, the element that uses the most energy. Typically, the refrigerator’s compressor is either running at full capacity or off completely; however, LG’s Linear Compressor can vary output depending on need, saving eight to 17 percent in energy usage compared to previous models with conventional compressors.  This technology leads to fewer temperature swings, which means consumers use less energy and spend less money.  LG’s Energy Star rated refrigerator is 20 percent more efficient than the minimum federal standard.  The compressor is backed with a 10-year warranty, so consumers can be confident their home will be environmentally friendly for years to come.


LG’s new French-door refrigerator (Model: LMX28994) is available at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3,299.


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