January 5, 2011


LG’s Smart Technologies Promise to Transform the Way Consumers are Entertained


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 –- LG Electronics (LG) will today unveil a full range of home entertainment products featuring “smart technologies” at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


One of LG’s biggest smart product introductions at this year’s CES is LG Smart TV, which offers the best in TV technology and Internet connectivity while being extremely easy to use. Demonstrating the “Point, Click, Control, Simply Smarter” capabilities of LG’s Smart TVs, LG’s Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control make using the Smart TV and accessing its wealth of content intuitive and simple.



With the addition of Media Link to LG’s existing USB and DLNA functions, Smart Share gives LG Smart TV users the freedom to access content from their PC by transferring it directly onto their TV. In addition to enabling viewers to easily watch all their stored content on the big screen, Media Link also provides simultaneous information on what they are watching, including synopses, actor profiles and viewer ratings.




Also being unveiled at CES is LG’s Smart TV Upgrader (ST600), which offers consumers a full range of Smart TV functions on regular TVs via an HDMI link.


LG’s Smart TV also offers top-quality content from local providers, as well as the best in locally sourced content catering to different tastes around the world. Additionally, a fast-growing range of TV Apps offer services ranging from games to educational programs. LG’s Smart TV functions are available in a wide range of models including LG Smart TVs with NANO FULL LED technology and LG Smart Plasma 3D TVs.




LG also introduced the LW6500, a new LG CINEMA 3D TV that takes 3D images to new heights of brightness and clarity by using 3D technology and polarized 3D eyewear similar to movie theatres*. With LG’s proprietary Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) panel, the TV delivers a first class, virtually blur-free and flicker-free 3D picture and a wide viewing angle. The LW6500 also comes with comfortable and affordable 3D glasses that have no electrical parts, meaning they never need to be recharged.


Beyond TVs, LG is also highlighting 3D Blu-ray home theater systems, 3D Blu-ray Disc™ players, 3D monitors, 3D laptops, and 3D projectors that provide the perfect 3D entertainment experience for every occasion and every setting.




Nearby, LG is also displaying a 180-inch class Multi Vision Plasma Display, a combination of nine screens stacked three by three that can be expanded to create ever-large displays. The ultra-thin screen borders draw viewers even further into the immersive 3D viewing experience with more smooth and natural action. Also on show are the HX996TS, LG’s first ever Real 3D Sound Home Theater System, the HB906SB, LG’s Premium 3D Blu-rayTM Home Theater System, a 3D Network Blu-rayTM Disc Player and the D42P, a 3D monitor with minimal cross talk .


For a peek at the future of Home Entertainment, LG is also displaying its revolutionary OLED TVs. Included are a 31-inch class 3D model with a depth of just 0.29cm and a 15-inch class 15EL9500. By dispensing with back-screen lighting, OLED TVs’ pixels generate their own light to produce an entirely new level of color, clarity and depth of blacks.






LG is also debuting the Pen Touch Plasma TV, PV550, which lets users quickly and easily write, draw, edit and play directly on the TV screen. The PV550 transforms the TV into a truly interactive experience, offering viewers the chance to be actively involved in their home entertainment experience. The Plasma TV collection also includes the PZ950, which complements LG’s superior 3D plasma picture quality with LG Smart TV functions.


In the Blu-ray™ section, the BD690, a 3D Network Blu-rayTM Disc Player with Media Library, provides the ultimate HDTV companion with 2D and 3D Blu-rayTM playback and an on-board digital media library. Additionally, the BP610 offers the ultimate in portable entertainment with its compact design, and Internet and HDMI connectivity.


LG is also showcasing the HW300T, LG’s newest micro portable LED projector. Projecting crystal clear WXGA resolution, the HW300T packs connectivity options including broadband, an ATSC Tuner, and wireless DLNA, which links users to a vast array of entertainment options*.




Rounding out LG’s home entertainment products this year is its latest SUPER LED monitor lineup, including the E2290V LED monitor, which, at just 7.2mm, is the slimmest design ever seen on an LG LED monitor*. Also debuting at CES is the E2381V, with LG’s Super Plus Resolution function, which revives low picture quality to high resolution and vivid picture quality. By combining IPS and LED technologies, the IPS6 monitor boasts a viewing angle wider than conventional LED monitors and uses less energy, while still providing superior picture quality.


For more information and product images, please visit LG’s online press kit at www.lgnewsroom.com/CES2011.


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