September 1, 2010


BERLIN, Sep. 1, 2010 -– LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its latest unique and outstanding core technologies -– Inverter Direct Drive, Linear Compressor, Lightwave Technology and KOMPRESSOR Technology -– at the 2010 IFA, taking place in Berlin from September 3 to 8. As well as promoting state-of-the-art appliances that help lead people toward a smarter lifestyle, LG will also be revealing a host of ingenious features that upgrade consumers’ lifestyles – to ones that are healthier and more convenient.

The highlights of LG’s attendance at this year’s IFA include a range of new products and features that are being introduced for the first time into the European market. LG’s new washing machine provides a smarter way of cleaning the fabric; its new fridge keeps food fresher in a larger capacity unit; a revolutionary, industry-first Solar Combi delivers tastier, more natural meals; and an exceptional vacuum cleaner picks up any dirt that may be lurking on the floor. With these innovative and cutting-edge products, LG enriches consumers’ lives in everything from cuisine to clothing to their living environments.

Showing how it’s taking the concept of home appliances in entirely new directions, LG will also be lifting the curtain on a range of inspirational online tools and mobile applications. This groundbreaking new initiative will offer services and tips that enable consumers to do household chores in smarter, more creative ways, thereby freeing up time to do the things that are really important.

“LG has long been committed to elevating home appliances above the realm of the functional to add something better to consumers’ lives,” said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Home Electronics Home Appliance Company. “With the groundbreaking 6 Motion enabled by our next generation Inverter Direct Drive Motor, LG washers provide a washing performance, with a clean so delicate yet thorough you’d swear it had been done by hand. And with our ground-breaking Solar Combi — the first in the world to include a Charcoal Heater in the oven — consumers can have the taste of natural cooking and enjoy tastier, healthier, chef-quality cuisine in their own homes.”

As the centerpiece of LG’s stand in Hall 1.1, the Core Tech zone will offer interactive demonstrations of LG’s core technologies and the benefits they can bring to consumers. The zone will also lead directly to individual zones demonstrating each flagship product equipped with LG’s innovative core-technologies. Highlights of LG’s IFA 2010 lineup include:

Refrigerators: LG Brings a Fresh Food Market Into Your Kitchen
With its newest range of refrigerators, LG will be revealing the outstanding benefits of its innovative Linear Compressor technology.

At the top of the range is LG’s brand-new bottom-freezer. This appliance’s massive 385-liter capacity storage area – the largest in its class –- provides 50 liters more space in a standard unit, or the equivalent of 72 soft drink cans. And thanks to the Linear Compressor, the bottom-freezer keeps the interior temperature steady -– keeping food fresh -– while using up to 28 percent less energy than a regular A+-rated fridge. With efficiency like this, LG’s new bottom-freezer allows consumers to reduce their electricity costs by up to 615 Euros (803 USD) over 10 years compared with A-rated refrigerators.

More impressive still, LG’s new fridge keeps vegetables and fruit fresher for longer thanks to its Opti Temp Zone and Vita Light Zone, which have been officially endorsed by SLG Prüf-und Zertifizierungs GmbH, a leading German test laboratory. With its huge capacity and fresh storage space, consumers will feel like they have the choice of a whole grocery store in their own kitchen. And as a testament to its supreme durability, the Linear Compressor on LG’s bottom-freezer comes with a 10-year warranty.

Washing Machines: LG’s Unique 6 Motion Treats Your Clothes More Delicately
LG’s newest washing machines come with the company’s groundbreaking, new generation Inverter Direct Drive technology and its outstanding 6 Motion technology.

Thanks to the Inverter Direct Drive, most new LG washing machines offer a bumper capacity of 11kg in a standard 24-inch cabinet. The technology also delivers the twin benefits of cutting noise levels to just 54dB, and reducing energy use by up to 30 percent compared with other A-rated washing machines. In addition, the Inverter Direct Drive demonstrates its exceptional reliability with a 10-year warranty.

Enabled by LG’s new generation Inverter Direct Drive, the machines’ unique 6 Motion – with a controlled spin speed, precise movement of the inner drum and left and right movement – provides a range of cycles that are optimized for different types of fabrics.

The 6 Motion also reduces washing powder residue on clothes more effectively than regular models. What’s more, the 6 Motion helps clothes soak in highly concentrated powders more evenly, making the machine very effective at protecting against shrinkage of wooly-textured garments. By delivering a wash that is as gentle as it is thorough, the 6 Motion goes beyond mere washing to ensure the stylish look that consumers want.

Cooking Appliances: Make Cooking More Natural and Healthy with LG’s Revolutionary Solar Combi
By showing off its new generation of Lightwave technology appliances at IFA 2010, LG will also be demonstrating how its convenient cooking appliances can deliver chef-quality food with a more natural taste in the comfort of home.

This year, LG is unveiling its Solar Combi, the world’s first oven to be fitted with a Charcoal Heater and T-stabilizer. By using charcoal as its heat source, the new oven enables consumers to cook food that is more natural, and brings healthier, tastier dishes to the table.

The oven’s Charcoal Heater helps maintain a natural flow of heat that penetrates deep into foods while also keeping them moist. This helps make grilled dishes as delicious as anything created in a restaurant. Meanwhile, the Naturalflow Convention and T-stabilizer let consumers cook gourmet food more easily by adjusting the optimal temperature and maintaining more even cooking. Just as important, the Solar Combi cuts energy bills by up to 30 percent compared with conventional ovens, while also saving on cooking time.

Vacuum Cleaners: Capturing Even Hidden Dust and Dirt Lurking on Floors
Also on show at IFA will be LG’s newest vacuum cleaners fitted with the company’s revolutionary KOMPRESSOR technology and its intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner as well. By enabling thorough and effortless cleaning, KOMPRESSOR technology ensures consumers’ homes will be as hygienic as well as clean.

Top of the bill is LG’s KOMPRESSOR Elite, which uses long-lasting suction power with simple and hygienic dust control to capture visible dirt, hidden dust and grime. With the world’s first motorized dust compressing system, the KOMPRESSOR Elite effectively reduces dust particles escaping back into the atmosphere, thus creating a cleaner and healthier home environment. In addition, a unique Power Punch flushes out mites and fine dust by tapping the surface of bedding nearly 3,000 times a minute.

In addition, the Hom-Bot, LG’s unrivaled robotic vacuum cleaner, helps consumers clean the entire floor with a minimum of effort. With its unique combination of a camera, ultrasonic and infrared sensors, the robotic vacuum cleaner can find its way into every nook and corner. Thanks to its unique dual camera sensors, the machine navigates to any spot in the home and cleans faster and smarter than other robotic cleaners. Its noise levels to 60dB(A) also makes cleaning less intrusive. When finished, the Hom-Bot returns automatically to its docking station to recharge its battery. The Hom-Bot uses long-lasting, Li-PB battery without any memory effect, contrary to Ni-MH battery used by most robotic cleaners. LG Hom-bot is another way in which LG’s smart innovations are enriching consumers’ lives and leading the way to easier, less time-consuming chores.

Dishwashers: Superb Cleaning Performance with TrueSteam Technology
At this year’s IFA, LG will also be launching its new dishwasher, featuring the company’s unparalleled Inverter Direct Drive and TrueSteam technologies, whose deep-down cleaning makes worries about prewashing a thing of the past. With LG’s advanced TrueSteam technology using three dedicated steam cycles – Steam Power, Steam Gentle and Steam Dual Intensity – the new dishwasher delivers sparkling clean results and provides a more convenient and hygienic washing. Also, with its unique built-in steam generator, the washer dissolves even the toughest of food residue and removes resistant stains, such as lipstick, from fragile items.

Better still, while ensuring superb cleaning performance, LG’s innovative Inverter Direct Drive uses less energy and water, meaning consumers will be doing their bit to improve the environment. And as well as bringing noise levels down to just 38dBA, the Inverter Direct Drive Motor comes with a 10-year warranty, meaning that customers will be paying far less for maintenance.

Built-in Appliances: LG Unveils Green Kitchen Packed With Innovations
With LG’s innovations brought together in built-in ovens, hobs, hoods, microwave ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, LG kitchens make full use of the company’s unique core technologies to add something better. The welcome result is functions in a well-designed, premium package.

At IFA 2010, LG is also highlighting the MontBlanc Line, a new function on its Lightwave Ovens that provides directions and settings for the recipes developed by Guy Martin, a renowned Michelin-star-rated French chef. With the greatest of ease and convenience, the MontBlanc Line lets consumers bring an array of exquisite world cuisines right onto their kitchen table. In this way, Lightwave Ovens are providing something better for consumers, with smart and convenient appliances brought together in a single package.

To provide further details of its exhibit at IFA 2010, LG will be holding a press conference on September 1 at 4:00pm in Hall 1.1, two days prior to the trade show’s public opening. By giving early attendees a preview of its home appliance products at IFA, LG will demonstrates how it is enriching consumers’ lives through its exceptional core technologies. LG representatives will deliver a presentation using a cutting-edge interactive motion-detecting technology designed especially for large group presentations which will include details of HA`s business, core-technologies and most recent product highlights.

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