Top Management

LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing more than 75,000 people in over 118 operations around the world.

00.권봉석 LG전자 CEO(사장)

Brian Kwon

Chief Executive Officer

  • 크기변환_송대현

    Dan Song

    President of Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

  • 크기변환_01.박형세

    Park Hyoung-sei

    President of Home Entertainment Company

  • 크기변환_LG전자 MC사업본부장 이연모(2020 부사장 승진)

    Morris Lee

    President of Mobile Communication Company

  • 크기변환_김진용

    Kim Jin-yong

    President of Vehicle Component Solutions Company

  • 크기변환_권순황

    Kwon Soon-hwang

    President of Business Solutions Company