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LG Electronics Inc. is a global innovator in technology and manufacturing with operations in 140 locations and a workforce of over 70,000 around the world.

About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home solutions, air quality systems as well as visionary products featuring artificial intelligence. The company is creating total solutions for the home with its industry leading core technologies and is committed to making life better for consumers around the world by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances, living appliances and air solution products. Together, these products deliver enhanced convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits. For more information, visit

About LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company

The LG Home Entertainment Company is an industry leader in televisions, audio video systems, monitors, projectors and portable computers. The company is a recognized innovator in the industry for its leadership in OLED TVs which is revolutionizing the premium TV category. LG is committed to improving customers’ lives with innovative home entertainment products led by category-leading OLED TVs and award-winning NanoCell TVs featuring artificial intelligence capabilities. For more information, visit

About LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company

The LG Mobile Communications Company is an innovator in the mobile industry, delivering insightful innovations that enhance customers’ lives. A global leader in 5G technology, LG Mobile is one of the first manufacturers to develop a 5G-capable smartphone for the consumer market. With a strong heritage of introducing unique, high performance cameras, advanced audio, superior displays and intuitive interfaces to the smartphone industry, the company continues to offer differentiated mobile products to today’s discerning consumers. For more information, visit

About LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions Company

The LG Vehicle Component Solutions Company focuses on commercializing autonomous and environmentally responsible automotive components and core solutions based on LG’s proprietary technologies. Its Smart Solutions business is a diverse lineup of products that include infotainment systems (audio video navigation, center information display, head up display, etc.), intelligent driving, connectivity and other advanced innovations. Green Solutions focuses on electronic powertrains (motor, inverter, charger, etc.) and vehicle thermal systems while Lighting Solutions provides premium and integrated lamps (head, rear, sensor integrated). For more on LG’s Vehicle Component Solutions, visit

About LG Electronics Business Solutions Company

The LG Business Solutions Company is a trusted partner offering innovative products and solutions for international customers worldwide. Through unique offerings such as industry-leading OLED signage and video walls with nearly invisible bezels, LG has made itself a formidable name in the commercial sector. With heavy investments in future growth engines such as high efficiency solar solutions, energy storage systems (ESS) and energy management solutions (EMS), LG is committed to returning strong value to its customers. For more information on LG’s Business Solutions, visit